Monday Motivation: Event Day!

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Monday Motivation

Getting signed on and punching holes in the cue sheet for mounting at the Renegade Gent’s Race.

Monday Motivation: Event Day! The training is done, the gear has been selected, and now you find yourself at the venue for the event. If you are a bit nervous, that’s par for the course. Worries about having everything with you? That’s normal. Forgotten something? Just improvise. Event day is always a fun, exciting time, and the meeting of old friends and making of new ones is a great bonus.

How has your season gone so far?  Are there any events on the horizon that you cannot wait for the day to arrive and be there for? If so, you can chat about that and more on our Riding Gravel Forums here, and if you want to schedule another event to tackle just check out our Gravel Grinder News Events Page with over 230 gravel and back road events listed.

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about gravel bikes, gear, events and anything else on the Riding Gravel Forum


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