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Gravel Grinder News Merges with Riding Gravel

Please read the official release below for the full information. But, yes, you read that correctly. After a lot of work on both sites separately, Guitar Ted and I (Ben Welnak), have brought our collective works together into one source for riders. Because we know that change is sometimes hard, we can assure you that we’re not taking anything away. In fact, the combination of the two sites and the collaboration by us, yields a 1+1=3 situation. How you ask?

Well, here’s how. We previously spent extra time separately searching down information, taking in emails, trying to make things financially viable, keeping up on social media, and all the other things that come with keeping a valuable website. The extra time was spent on overlapping info, social media, posts, events, and just making sure we didn’t step on each other’s toes with what we were providing. Now we’ve reduced the amount of wasted time and ended the worrying about creating duplicate information, therefore, increasing the time available for providing a higher quality site with more valuable content and leaving us each with a little more freetime.

What can you expect?

We will continue to update Riding Gravel with more information, posts, and additional features. We encourage you to continue to check back for updates. But, right now there are plenty of resources for you to search, enjoy, and hopefully take a little something away that helps you to better enjoy your experiences.

Click on the following to find out more:

Event Calendar – We are currently updating for the 2015 season. If you have an event, submit it now.

Gravel Forum – The forum currently has 550 members and nearly 1,700 posts filled with informative content.

New and Reviews – Watch for more news, product reviews, and other contributors.

Podcast – The “Riding Gravel Radio Ranch” is a regular podcast that gets more of the stories in the gravel world and gives listeners an update of what’s happening on

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December 3, 2014

Waterloo, Iowa: Today it has been announced that, a calendar of events for gravel racing and riding, is merging with, an online news site and forum for gravel riders. Citing a need for a unified approach to serve the gravel/back roads cycling community, Ben Welnak, of Riding Gravel said, “I saw what Gravel Grinder News was doing and what I was doing over at Riding Gravel and I saw an opportunity to make a complete site. The two sites together made more sense to me than having us apart, doing things that we could be more effective at as a single site. So, I suggested that we merge the sites.”

Gravel Grinder News was founded by Mark “Guitar Ted” Stevenson in 2008 as a site that gathered event information for gravel road based events and rides, which quickly grew into a calendar featuring well over 200 events by 2014. The site also featured gear reviews and news about gravel/back road type bicycles and gear. Riding Gravel was founded by Ben Welnak in 2013 and features an online forum and news source focused on gravel road riding. Stevenson commented on the merger as follows, “It is a way to better serve the community. Having the two sites merge made sense to me. It should be better for the riders and make things very convenient from an information standpoint.”

The site will be called “” going forward and will feature the Gravel Grinder News event calendar, reviews of gear and bicycles, an online forum, as well as a monthly podcast and a newsletter.

Contact: E-mail:  or


We appreciate your support and look forward to connecting with all of you. We sincerely hope that you get value out of the site and find it to be a great source of mixed-surface riding. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact us anytime.

See you out there,


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