Fresh Gravel: Smooth Operator Chain Lube

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Smooth Operator Chain Lube

Smooth Operator Chain Lube

In the world of cycling there are a few basic things one must have. Elemental things like two wheels, something to tie those two wheels into a unit, and a drive mechanism. Typically, that drive mechanism is a chain. The ubiquitous bicycle chain just might be the most important piece of the puzzle to make a bicycle go, well……..besides you. While its importance to the bicycle cannot be denied, we as riders tend to not pay a lot of attention to them, and that is a shame. Rusted, squeaky, dirt caked chains are more often the norm than not. However; if you happen to be a rider who does pay attention to this critical component on a bicycle, you may be interested in our latest product to be tested here at The product is “Smooth Operator” chain lube.

We will be putting this lube through its paces on our test mules and will be reporting on how it holds up on dusty, gritty, and perhaps muddy roads during the beginning of the 2016 gravel road riding season. In the meantime, you can check out the Smooth Operator website here.

Smooth Operator Chain Lube can be had in a four ounce bottle for $12.00 USD or a 10ml sized “Travel” bottle for $9.00 USD and both can be ordered directly from their website. Both versions feature child-proof caps and a plastic “needle” style applicator to get that “smooth operation” just where you need it.

Note: Smooth Operator sent over the “Chain Lube” to at no charge for test/review. We will always strive to give you our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.

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  1. RoverAl February 23, 2016 at 5:46 am #

    Looks promising, small bottles, and eco-friendly.


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