Trans Iowa Radio 2015 Archives

Saturday, April 25

Pete from St. Peters, Missouri gives his thoughts on TIv11 – 6:08pm

Guitar Ted checks in with the final racer watch for 2015 – It’s all over! 4:35pm

Guitar Ted brings you the Greg Gleason watch – 3:10pm

Guitar Ted gives an update on the one remaining Trans Iowa racer, Greg Gleason – 1:25pm

Jason, Pete, and Dave are headed home – 11:21am

Ryan Lee calls in to say thanks – 10:59am

Warren Wiebe checks in to give the a-ok – 10:57am

Andrew Christman of Pedal of Littleton with his send off from the 2015 Trans Iowa – 10:50am

Guitar Ted checks in after (his reception was very bad) – 10:45am

Joe Stiller busted his crank – 8:30am

Guitar Ted checked in before the Checkpoint 1 time cut – 8:00am

Chris Schotz waves the white flag – 8:00am

Guitar Ted – Trans Iowa v11 is not looking good for riders – 6:20am

Guitar Ted with not so good news – 5:35am

Guitar Ted checks in just after he led out the group – 4:40am

Guitar Ted checks in before the race – 3:35am

John Mathias gives thanks before the race – 3:30am

Friday, April 24

Guitar Ted with a late night update – 10pm

Guitar Ted checks in with his first update – 3pm

Thursday, April 23

Marc and KT called in on their way from Colorado.

Wednesday, April 22

Guitar Ted gives some updates about Trans Iowa.


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