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Racing, Non-Race Racing, And Lanterne Rouge

Editor’s Note: This post, written by John Ingham, follows up his debut contribution (seen HERE) with a thought provoking piece on “gravel non-racing” Racing, Non-Race Racing, And Lanterne Rouge- by John Ingham I was chatting recently about the gravel scene with the owner of a coffee shop that caters to cyclists.  Gravel racing, he noted, […]

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Trans Iowa v13

DESCRIPTION:  “Trans Iowa is a self-navigated, self-supported, 300-plus mile gravel road event. Held in late April primarily on Iowa gravel roads. Remember: You Are Responsible For Yourself At Trans Iowa!”

DATE:  Saturday, April 29th – Sunday, April 30th, 2017

DISTANCE(S):  330-ish miles

  ROUTE:  Cue Cards

Trans Iowa information can be found at the Official Site for the event. Roster is very limited and entry is hard to come by. Potential entrants must follow strict entry rules and new riders to this event will be chosen by lottery. Details on entering Trans Iowa will be released via the website linked above usually in September.

There is a Pre-Race Meat-Up which is held the Friday before the event which is mandatory to attend to be able to ride in the event. There are no day of or on-site registrations for this event.

Pro Tip: Do not ask about how to get in to Trans Iowa unless you really don’t want to get in to Trans Iowa!


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Monday Motivation: Rollers

<Back to News Home | Rollers: They might be a tool for you to get into shape for cycling. There are two kinds of “rollers” in the Mid-West: One would be those you sweat over in a basement or garage to stay fit in the Winter. The other kind you can ride on too. These […]

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[Editorial] Gravel is not a Fad

NOTE: This is normally the news feed, but occasionally we will be posting editorial pieces. – by Ben, creator of Riding Gravel Riding Gravel This website started last fall after some coercing from Andy at pedal of Littleton to get a gravel ride going in the fall after interest in the spring AntiEpic. It was […]

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Trans Iowa to be Featured in Silent Sports Magazine

This year’s Trans Iowa will be highlighted in a story in Silent Sports Magazine. Chris Schotz will be reporting. If you have any questions, comments, pictures, or information you’d like to share about Trans Iowa, check out the Riding Gravel Forum thread. Do you have news about an event, a race, products, or anything else […]

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