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Gravel Grinder News: TIME Debuts New Gravel Pedals

TIME saw a need for not just gravel/adventure riders here, but for cyclo-tourists as well. Citing the typical need of these riders to use MTB shoes and pedals which are not as efficient on roads, the engineers at TIME decided that there are enough folks riding gravel, adventuring, and cyclo-touring now that a dedicated pedal for these disciplines is now a reality.

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Keepers: Time XPRO 10 Pedals

I began using Expresso Time road pedals with that ICLIC system and the unique carbon blade about three years ago. I had not much experience with other systems, coming from a set of Ritchey road pedals that I finally wore out. I enjoyed the ease of entry with the Time pedals and the way they stayed ‘open’ upon exit so you do not have to overcome spring tension to enter the pedal.

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The Riding Gravel Pedal Round-Up: Time Pedals Wrap-Up

The Riding Gravel Pedal Round-Up: Time Pedals Wrap-Up- by Grannygear Editor’s Note: Grannygear returns with his wrap-up on the first pedals in the Round-Up series from Time. Please check out his introduction to this series by clicking HERE. I had to do a double install for Time in that I was going to be using […]

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