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Garwin Gravel 74

July 4, 2019 @ 8:00 am 2:00 pm

Garwin Gravel 74 (& Weird Road) Bike Ride.
July 4 @ 8:00 A.M.
Red, white, & blue cycling attire highly recommended.
Gravel bike ride starting/ending on Main St. in Garwin.
Multiple distance options…I’m sure some may need to get home that afternoon for grilling out, family stuff, or fireworks.

On 7/4, ride 74 miles (or 50 or 100). Starts off by going into the rugged terrain south of town before crossing the Iowa River and heading west. A convenience store stop at the southeast edge of Marshalltown at mile 32 before the return trip east to Garwin. For those continuing past the 50 mile option, there is also a Caseys in Gladbrook at mile 59.

And just for a little fun…this route includes what may be the “weirdest” or most unique road you’ve ever ridden on. Not just some level B or C road….weirder than that (but not a challenge to ride / not a “hike-a-bike” section). And any locals that know what it is from the route…keep the secret. The first rule of the Garwin Gravel 74 is that we do not talk about the weird road on the Garwin Gravel 74.

Route (for 50 and 74 mile versions) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29692873
(for the 50 mile version…when you reach Garwin Road (240th St.) during mile 48, take a right into town to end at 50 miles).

100 Mile option?
Why not…what could be more patriotic than riding around all day in your red, white & blue? https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30075241
(same route until branching off around mile 70)

Post-ride celebration / relaxation available at the Garwin Bull (confirmed open July 4).

Ride is loosely organized…just a time and potential route provided. You are responsible for you, and any rider is considered to be on their own private excursion. No support services provided. All interested in gravel riding are invited, and folks are welcome to ride the route at any speed they’d like, but I’ll try to regroup things at least a few times along the way. If riding along with me under regular gravel road and weather conditions (whatever that means this year…), can probably expect a moving pace on gravel roads of around 12-14 mph (unless I’m riding it like I’m racing it – in that case, you can expect a moving pace around 12-14 mph). Try to show up to Main Street Garwin by around 7:45 to be ready for wheels rolling at 8:00 AM.

If crummy weather, will likely postpone to a rain date TBD later this summer.


July 4
8:00 am – 2:00 pm
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74 miles (or 50 or 100)
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Loess Hills Enduro

June 15, 2019 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Welcome to the Loess Hills Enduro (Formerly the Good Life Gravel Gran Fondo)

 Save the date.   JUNE 15th, 2019. Malvern, IA.

 Loess Hills Enduro brings you all the key elements that make up Midwest Ethos. If you’re from the Midwest, you have learned pretty quickly that we have a dogmatic, unwavering belief, that with hard work and perseverance, good things will happen. We also believe that giving back and helping our neighbor is core to who we are. This rings true throughout the soul of our event. Loess Hills Endurobrings that spirit alive with a unique, challenging and scenic gravel road/minimum maintenance road course. This course showcases the rugged terrain followed by explorers Lewis & Clark as well as settlers headed down the Oregon Trail. You’ll experience where the West began through the rolling hills of prairie grass, cornfields, rustic barns and glacier built loess hills river bluffs. And if that doesn’t have you salivating….after your hard work and perseverance get you to the finish line, good things will happen at the Loess Hills Enduro Apres Party! Our LHE party is unique in offering post race libations, grub for your belly, each with an emphasis on being locally sourced. Come join us! We don’t care what you ride, just that you ride. So bring your gravel bike, mountain bike, skinny bike, fat bike…heck even your unicycle if you’re just that awesome. We look forward to seeing you at the start line!


June 15
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Freeport Bicycle Company

120 S Chicago Ave
Freeport, IL 61032 United States
+ Google Map
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Bankston Banger

April 13, 2019 @ 10:00 am 11:00 pm

Join the gravel cycling community in support of a great local cause! The Hempsted Debate Team has qualified for Nationals, a historic first for the team! The team will be competing against the top 256 teams in the Nation and Asia in Dallas, TX on June 16-21st. The HHS Gravel Grinder Bicycle Race/Ride Series has been created to assist with funding for us to attend this competition.

Location: Park Farm, 15159 Thielen Road, Bankston, IA 52039

Race: Pre-Race Entry Fee: $40.00 Short Course/$50.00 Long

Course (Free Feed Zone) Limited to 200 Participants, please pre-register Day of Event: Add $5.00

Please eat at Park Farm, 25% of pizza proceeds go to the HHS Debate Team

$40.00 – $50.00 Short or Long Courses

HHS Gravel Grinder Series

Park Farm

15159 Thielen Road
Bankston, Iowa 52039 United States
+ Google Map


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CIRREM EVENT DETAILS -100k gravel race sw of des moines -start/finish @ cumming tap -saturday, february 23rd, 2019 -8a.m. free breakfast begins -8-9:45a.m. packet pickup -NO DAY OF REGISTRATION -10a.m. CIRREM begins -categories- mens, womens, single speed/fixed -email us at CIRREM@gmail.com —————————————————————————————-

Race Info

Yo!  Here’s a little bit about the race, based on first hand experience, exaggerated stories, and outright fabricated accounts by past riders… *****YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF ON RACE DAY.  BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST AND YOU MIGHT FINISH.***** Risk:  This is a self-supported race, meaning you should start the race with everything you need to finish it.  It’s all fun and games until someone separates a shoulder.  …All kidding aside, please take care to be safe, for the benefit of yourself and the riders around you.  It can be slippery, the gravel can be loose, you’ll hit high speeds, and the roads are open to cars.  It is rural Iowa, and sometimes rural folk don’t take kindly to us uppity, in-shape, shiny non-motorized bike ridin’ city folk.  There is also a bridge (or bridges) with spaces between the boards that eat wheels for lunch.  Seriously, a friend separated his shoulder last weekend on it.  No kidding.  Please take care out there.  Also, there will be a number that you must text if you drop from the race.  I spent my Saturday evening driving around Madison County last year looking for 2 riders-who-shall-remain-nameless.  I like Madison County, but I saw that lame Clint Eastwood/Meryl Streep movie about it and don’t care to see it again, thanks.  So if you drop out & don’t text there will be consequences.  I have no idea what, but we’ll think of something.  Maybe you’ll have to leg wrestle Jerome Rewerts or watch Pete Basso talk politics with Steve Robinson for an hour.  We’ll think of something horrible. Weather:  Year one brought (literally) rain, sleet and snow.  Temps started in the mid 30’s & dropped steadily throughout the day, until the freezing rain turned to snow (thank God).  I remember stopping several times to wring the water out of my mittens, and I vividly remember Matt Maxwell’s bright-red gloveless hands.  It was cold & wet, the gravel was squishy, the pork sandwiches were greasy and the beer was good. Year two saw colder temps at the start, but as the temps rose from the teens into the upper 30’s, the frozen snow on the roads melted and turned smooshy & muddy.  Several riders pulled their fenders off mid-ride because of the peanut-buttery build up causing tire-rub.  The relatively warm, sunny day led to concrete-white covered bikes, drivetrains & racers.  Singlespeed anyone?  The pork sandwiches were greasy and the beer was good. Year three started with temps in teens, and the overcast conditions kept temps in the 20’s for the day.  Two inches of snow the night before didn’t seem to bother anyone, nor did the sleet early on in the race, with attendance above 100 for the first time.  The roads were sometimes unpredictable in spots, and caused a small pile up in the first half of the race among the leaders.  Mountain bike anyone?  Once the green flag was waved, no more mishaps were reported (must have been a first timer).  I remember my toes on my left foot were cold.  Booties anyone?  The pork sandwiches were greasy and beer was good.  Shocker. Bikes:  Your guess is as good as mine on this one.  The CIRREM winners have ridden singlespeed mountain bikes, fender’ed cross bikes, and the normal ‘cross fare.  You’ll see mountain bikes, cross bikes, ss’s, fenders, fixies, fat bikes and even road bikes.  No recumbents or unicycles yet, though I expect that might change this year.  Point is, ride what you feel comfy on, because chances are you’re faster that way.  Put Kent Carlson on gears and he’ll look at you funny and waste 19 of them.  Put Pete Basso on a singlespeed and watch the bike beg for mercy before buckling under the torque.  Run what ya brung, sister. Time:  As always, the race starts at 10AM.  Breakfast & registration start at 8.  The winners generally finish around 4 hours, with others on the course for more than 6 hours.  Checkpoint is roughly in the middle.  Plan accordingly.  Ride with a buddy if you think you’ll be out there a while.  If you aren’t going to finish, you need to figure out how to get home.  Awards are generally done a  few hours after the winners come in, but still before everyone is off the course.  Please stay around afterwards and have a good time at the Tap as long as you like.  The Tap is pretty awesome, and it’s in Cumming, for crying out loud.  What else do you need to know? Course:  A 100km race is 62 miles.  The CIRREM course will be hilly, and very similar to past CIRREM courses.  In fact, it may be very similar to past CIRREM courses.  In fact, it might actually be the same as past CIRREM courses.  Maybe.  And maybe we’ll pull a bait & switch on you.  We’re all about keeping you on your toes here at CIRREM HQ. Categories:  Same as in the past.  Fastest man.  Fastest woman.  Fastest singlespeeder.  Who can eat the most cookies at the checkpoint.
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Monday Motivation: Rollers

<Back to News Home | Rollers: They might be a tool for you to get into shape for cycling. There are two kinds of “rollers” in the Mid-West: One would be those you sweat over in a basement or garage to stay fit in the Winter. The other kind you can ride on too. These […]

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[Editorial] Gravel is not a Fad

NOTE: This is normally the news feed, but occasionally we will be posting editorial pieces. – by Ben, creator of Riding Gravel Riding Gravel This website started last fall after some coercing from Andy at pedal of Littleton to get a gravel ride going in the fall after interest in the spring AntiEpic. It was […]

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Trans Iowa to be Featured in Silent Sports Magazine

This year’s Trans Iowa will be highlighted in a story in Silent Sports Magazine. Chris Schotz will be reporting. If you have any questions, comments, pictures, or information you’d like to share about Trans Iowa, check out the Riding Gravel Forum thread. Do you have news about an event, a race, products, or anything else […]

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by Riding Gravel 2014