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Rowe Rumble GRAVEL Grinder

This is a Pirate/Grassroots race/ride that hopes to bring cyclists together to experience a totally different and fun style of New Mexico riding. This event is FREE, unsupported, and HARD…after all, this is a “Gravel-Grinder” bike ride! Riders are welcome to ride whatever bike they’d like – gravel-specific, mountain bike, or road. The route is 90% smooth, flat and rolling crushed gravel…and 10% rough, pot-marked, crappy, asphalt. The ride is completely unsupported and traverses an extremely remote area with little, if any, cell coverage.  Be prepared!  Study a map! Ask Questions! Ride with someone who knows the route. Your safety is in your own hands.  Bring your own Water & food, and any repair gear you might need for your bike.  Rain-gear, if you think you’ll need it!


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Hibernator 100

What is the Hibernator 100?  A 100 mile or 100 K  or 29 mile limited support gravel road ride through the Nicolet National Forest hosted by the Laona Rescue Squad.

When? October 7, 2017

Where? Start/Finish in Laona, Wisconsin

Registration Fee? None

Donations: A donation of $20 will help cover expenses and support the Laona Rescue Squad.

Why the Hibernator 100? Now is the time to pack in some more miles and enjoy the amazing fall colors of the Nicolet National Forest.

The Routes?  Local rider, Butch Piontek put together a mix of his favorite gravel and dirt roads. The result is amazing scenery and a quad burning challenge you won’t forget.

Wisconsin black bear trivia: According to the Wisconsin DNR, there are about 29,000 black bears in Wisconsin. 

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Stone Valley 50

Stone Valley 50 Gravel Grinder
September 26th, 9am at the Poultney Elementary School
96 School Circle, Poultney, VT  05764
50 Mile Race through the towns of Poultney, Castleton, Wells, and Middletown Springs on mostly gravel and class 4 roads. Water and Feed Station at mile 24.5/36.5
Also taking place in Poultney on the 26th is the Poultney Rotary Club’s Chili Cook-off from 10am to 2pm, an awesome event for spectators to enjoy while the riders are out!



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Wellfleet Fall Festival Gravel Grinder

Enjoy either a 20 mile or 50 mile gravel grinder featuring a unique combination of dirt roads and desolate country roads that promises to be both scenic and challenging. Riders will be able to enjoy a fantastic route that starts and ends at the Wellfleet Fall Festival meandering through some scenic rural areas. Cost is $25 and includes a Wellfleet Fall Festival Gravel Grinder T-Shirt. To register send your name, address, ph# or email address, age and t-shirt size to Just 4 You Fitness, 5 East B St, Ogallala NE 69153

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about the event and other rides on the Riding Gravel Forum.


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Tour of the Dragon 268K/60K across Bhutan

Tour of the Dragon


The Tour of the Dragon starts in Bumthang, Bhutan and travels 268km over 4 mountain passes before finishing in Thimphu town square. Billed as one of the toughest one day mountain bike races in the world

Distance: 268km/60K

(100 mi. option through this link – http://terrischneider.com/bim/home/)

Both events finish in the capital city of Thimphu in the country of Bhutan.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is a land of high mountains and deep valleys where compassion and wisdom are the benchmark against which all things are measured, and where the King rules by ‘Gross National Happiness’.

On your journey through the stunning rural countryside and villages, you’ll discover the geographical and cultural wonders of a country naturally designed to be a tantalizing destination for adventure and spiritual seekers.

Come for the event, and stay for the travel experience of a lifetime.


Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about gravel bikes, gear, events and anything else on the Riding Gravel Forum

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Claire’s Looney Ride

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this ride is not happening in 2016.

This is a tentative ride and date. Stay tuned for more information.

A self supported, on-your-own event starting and ending in Mercer, Wisconsin.

Fee: Free (we may do a voluntary donation to some charity or something)

Route: 50 miles & 100 miles. TBD on exact route. There will be a little pavement on the roll out of town and on the way back in. Additionally a short stretch of pavement to connect. The rest is northwoods gravel. Some of the roads will be more graded ATV/UTV trails/roads and there may be some rougher sections. Still all doable with a “gravel” bike setup.

After ride fun: Plan on a provided meal and beer.

What’s with the name?  Mercer, Wisconsin is known as “The Loon Capital of the World.” As you enter the south end of town, you are greeted by a 16-foot tall loon, “Claire’ d Loon.” Read more about Claire here.

More information? Contact Ben at b_welnak@yahoo.com.


*Please note that this is not affiliated with Riding Gravel in any way other than it’s posted on this calendar as reference.


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24 Hours of Cumming

The 24 Hours of Cumming Gravel Race and Festival will take place on the gravel roads of central Iowa. Launching from Cumming, Iowa, this will be one of the toughest endurance biking challenges in the United States. Riders will have 24 hours to cover 400k (that’s 248 miles to you and me) and nearly 15,000 feet of elevation gain. That’s a challenge for even the gnarliest of grinders! Not ready to tackle this beast solo? Take it on with a team of 2 or 4 people. New in 2015 is a 100k solo division as well as a Klunkerz gravel ride. To ensure the best race experience possible we will cap race registration! Come join us at “The Midwest’s Best Gravelfest.”

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about the event and other rides on the Riding Gravel Forum.


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State Games of America Gravel Grinder

2017 State Games of America
Information Coming Soon

The Nebraska Sports Council and the Cornhusker State Games will be hosting the Bi-Annual State Games of America sports competition in Lincoln, Nebraska

The Gravel Grinder is not subject to any qualification rules, therefore it is open to anyone in any state who wishes to participate.

The event will consist of a shorter fun ride or a longer race.  The fun ride will be around 40 miles in length and all participants that finish will receive a SGA participation medal.  The race will be around 120 miles.  All participants that finish in less than 12 hours will receive a SGA participation medal.  The top 3 finishers in each division will receive a gold, silver or bronze medal.

All participants that also compete in the expert division of the SGA Mountain Bike Race will automatically be eligible to win the Dirt Rouleur Award.  This special award goes to the male and female athlete with the fasted combined 120 mile gravel race and expert mountain bike race.

See the SGA website for the complete event details!

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about the event and other rides on the Riding Gravel Forum.


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2017 KATY Trail Ride

 2017 KATY Trail Ride


June 19-23, 2017


Monday, June 19           Clinton to Sedalia                   39 miles
Tuesday, June 20          Sedalia to Boonville                37 miles
Wednesday, June 21     Boonville to Jefferson City      51 miles
Thursday, June 22        Jefferson City to Marthasville  68 miles
Friday, June 23              Marthasville to St. Charles     38 miles


Full Tour Registration (Includes: breakfast and supper daily, outdoor camping space each night, hot shower facilities, gear shuttle, detailed route map, SAG support, t-shirt, water bottle)

Adult (15 years and older)……………………………………………………………………………………. $400

Children (14 years and younger)…………………………………………………………………………… $350

Family (group of 2 adults and 2 children)………………………………………… $200 rebate available


Non-Rider Registration (Anyone accompanying a cyclist on the trip but not riding a bike to get from stop to stop can sign up as a non-rider. Fee includes breakfast and dinner daily, t-shirt, water bottle and outdoor camping space. Non-riders provide their own transportation between overnight stops and are not supported during the day’s ride.)

Non-Rider Registration……………………………………………………………………………………….. $350

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about the event and other rides on the Riding Gravel Forum.


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Folsom 100

Trace some historic routes around north New Mexico and south Colorado during wonderful early summer weather. Using 30+ miles of the Trans American Trail route, it descends in to Dry Cimarron valley and climbs a technical rocky old road into Colorado. Start and Ends in the almost Ghost town of Folsom.

One distance 103 miles. ladies all ages and mens and over and under 50 years classes. Cheep $35 https://www.bikereg.com/ftat100
First 8 miles will be a paved neutral roll out as a group for safety.
Drop bags will be at the 50 mile mark till 1:00! that’s the cutoff.
we will leave drop bag unattended if you want.

Rain or Shine and afternoon thunderstorms are very possible so bring a rain jacket. Aside from the drop its a self reliant ride.
Study the map and know your bailouts back to folsom. there are two paved ones.
There is nothing but vending machines in Folsom at the start/finish so be fully prepared for before and after the ride also.Ill have water. museum might have a bathroom but not sure they will be open.

that said this is a the toughest wayway out there race we put on!
, see you out there. Alex

GPS route

Folsom gives its name to the nearby type site for the Folsom Tradition, a Paleo-Indian cultural sequence dating to between 9000 BC and 8000 BC. The Folsom Site, about 8 miles west of the village, was excavated in 1926 and found to have been a marsh-side kill site or camp where 23 bison had been killed using distinctive tools, known as Folsom points.

In 1831 Comanche Indians killed Jedediah Smith (a famous hunter, trapper, and explorer) on the Santa Fe Trail near the Cimarron River. His body was never recovered.
In the first half of the 19th century, the region was a hunting ground for Comanche, Ute, and Jicarilla Apache Indians..The first White settlement near Folsom was Madison, settled in 1864 and named for its founder, Madison Emery. In 1877 a post office was established. Madison became a ghost town in 1888 when the Colorado and Southern Railroad was completed and Folsom was established nearby on the railroad line.[8] The train was held up three times near Folsom by Black Jack Ketchum and his gang. The final robbery in 1899 led to the capture and hanging of Ketchum

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