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King Ridge Dirt Supreme Hopper

King Ridge Dirt Supreme

Part of the Grasshopper Adventure Series

King Ridge Supreme (Road / Cross) – 83 miles, 8,900 feet.

You’ve never ridden King Ridge like this. We are starting in Duncan’s Mills this year so we will start with a slow burn up Bohemian Hwy to Occidental. Then climb up Coleman Valley and descend Willow Creek on dirt. Hwy 1 to Fort Ross. Dirt descent to Salt Point. Dirt climb up Kruse. Climb Hauser Bridge. Back King Ridge to Caz and finish up Willow Creek. Easy as pie! If you are looking for a supreme cross/dirt/gravel challenge this is it. Road, cross, Diverge….? Depends on what you have and what you can ride. Big tires and don’t flat! If you loved Old Caz this ride will blow your mind!

Option #2: Riders will head out River Rd to Hwy 1 and follow the same course as the big loop. Eliminates climb to Occidental and Willow Creek descent. You will still have the Salt Point dirt descent and Kruse dirt climb so a gravel bike with slick/semi slick tires or a road bike with 28c would be a good option.

Facebook Event Page.

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Land Run 100

The Land Run 100 is a solo, self supported, non-stop, 100-mile-long bicycling endurance challenge on the gravel and dirt roads surrounding the site of the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.

 What you need to know in a nutshell

  • Registration for the 2017 Land Run TBA
  • Land Run 2017 will be held Saturday March 11th 2017
  • There is a 700 rider limit
  • Land Run 2017 costs $TBA
  • Half Run 2017 costs $ TBA

What is the Land Run 100?

The Land Run 100 is a solo, self supported, non-stop, 100-mile-long bicycling endurance challenge on the gravel and dirt roads surrounding the site of the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.

When and where is the Land Run 100 held?
LR100 is held Saturday, March 11, 2017 in Stillwater, OK.

There are lots of “Gravel Grinder” cycling events. What makes Land Run 100 unique?
Who said anything about unique? We love the Dirty Kanza 200 but it only comes around once a year. The Land Run 100 is a training mile stone race for those who dare attempt the DK200. Complete the LR100 and you are on the right track for the DK200. DNF the LR100, you still have time to fix what went wrong before the DK200. Flint Hills we are not, but gravel, hills, and red dirt we got. Careful on those rickety bridges by the way, we are taking you on the far back roads.

Who can participate in the Land Run 100?
In order to continue a rider must maintain a 10 mph average. There will be a halfway checkpoint at 50ish miles. If the rider does not arrive at the halfway checkpoint before the 10 mph time expires then the rider will be assigned a DNF ranking for the race. If you can grind out 50 miles at a time self supported, you can participate in the Land Run 100. This year we have the Half Run for those that wish to ride the route, just not 100 miles of it. 50 mile Half Run is open for registration pretty much until the race starts.


How do I sign up and can I do so the day of the event?
Participation in the LR100 is by pre-registration only. Registration will be conducted online at BikeReg.com and will open on TBA at 7:00am (CST).
How many different classifications will be offered?
Open Men 39 Under0
Veteran Men (40-49)
Master Men (50-59)g
Open Women 39 Under
Single Speed Men
Fat Bike
Half Run
One Man Land RUN
Single Speed Women
Veteran Women (40-49)
Master Women 50+
Men 60+ 100 miles

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Fyxation Carbon Adventure Bike

Fyxation Carbon Adventure Bike – At the Finish

We are happy to have contributors bringing good content to Riding Gravel and this one from Dave Schlabowske, the Deputy Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed, is much appreciated. Read on to get his thoughts on the Fyxation Carbon Adventure Bike. **WE HOOKED YOU ALL UP WITH A DEAL ON THE CARBON ADVENTURE BIKE!** Online at […]

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Lynskey GR250: Checkpoint

<Back to News Home | Lynskey GR250: Checkpoint- by Grannygear Editor’s note: Grannygear, our SoCal friend and editor over at TwentynineInches.com, is also a back road, gravel riding fan. He has written reviews for us previously and here we share his latest project- A titanium framed gravel road rig from Lynskey. His introduction to this […]

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Lynskey GR250: Getting Rolling

<Back to News Home | Editor’s note: Grannygear, our SoCal friend and editor over at TwentynineInches.com, is also a back road, gravel riding fan. He has written reviews for us previously and here we share his latest project- A titanium framed gravel road rig from Lynskey. Lynskey GR250: Getting Rolling- by Grannygear When I built […]

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Fyxation Crusher

Fyxation Crusher Checkpoint

<Back to News Home | Fyxation Crusher Checkpoint Review Dave Schlabowske, the Deputy Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed, is back for his midterm review of the Fyxation Crusher. If you’ll remember, Dave kicked things off with this initial review post in May. Read on for some of his thoughts after spending some time on […]

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Pedal 50

Pedal 50

**Riding Gravel only reports this event for your information. Pedal of Littleton heads up the free group ride. You are responsible for yourself and required to sign their waiver before participating with their group. RidingGravel.com, it’s partners, and it’s partners are not responsible for your safety.**



What is it?

The Pedal 50 is a free, unsupported gravel bike ride that begins and ends in Monument, CO. You can ride whatever bike you’d like – gravel-specific, mountain bike, or road (you’ll be rattled and risk multiple flats with a road bike!). Go fast, go social, go however you’d like. It’s your chance to ride something different in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains!



This ride is a fundraiser – Who does it benefit and how does it work?

We didn’t want to make this just another ride, so we went in search of a win-win-win situation. We found the answer we were looking for – the free ride, backed by Pedal of Littleton, with a raffle for a whole pile of great goods, with the proceeds going to two great organizations.

Who does it benefit?

This year the Pedal 50 will benefit Kids on Bikes and Trips for Kids Denver. We believe that they are great organizations with great people doing great things that can use the money very wisely.

How does it work?

  1. Raffle tickets are $5 and that money will be donated – Bring cash or a check written to Kids on Bikes and/or Trips for Kids Denver.
  2. We will collect the money at check in and give you the raffle ticket.  You hold onto the raffle until the 5pm raffle drawing. You have to be present to win.
  3. All schwag/prizes will be raffled off and only those who have purchased a raffle ticket will be eligible.

Raffle Prizes – Stay tuned for updates as we add them:

Grand Raffle Prize – 2017 Salsa Cycles Warbird Aluminum Frameset (Pedal of Littleton is then offering a discount on the build – 15% off parts and you pay labor)


Pedal of Littleton will have $100’s worth of goods, including a full box of Salsa Cycles gear, pumps, Cannondale helmets, and more

Kids on Bikes – Various swag – adult and kids jerseys, water bottle, socks, a kids bicycling t-shirt, and a brand new Panaracer cross tire

Trips for Kids – 25 pairs of arm warmers and 10 pairs of knee warmers

Riding Gravel – Stickers and Tshirts

Mountain Bike Radio – Tshirts


Date:            Saturday, September 24, 2016

8:00am – 10:25am – Check-in

10:45am – Preride meeting in front of Pike Peak Brewing

11:00am  – Ride start

4:00 – 5:00pm – Raffle drawing for a full pile of goods, including a Salsa Cycles frame out in the patio area

5:00 – ? – Hang around Pike Peaks Brewing and enjoy the great beer!

Start/Finish: Pikes Peak Brewing Company

Parking: The parking lot at Pikes Peak will likely be nearly full early on.  Please plan on parking at the Park and Ride on Woodmoor Drive on the west side of the intersection of Woodmoor Drive and Lake Woodmoor Drive. It’s 1 block from Pikes Peak Brewing.

Course Info and Details

Distance: 55 miles

Elevation Gain: 4,000+ feet

Estimated Time: 3-5.5 hours for most riders.

Print Cue Cards:

3.5 inch wide x 2.7 inch height

Full page portrait

Full page landscape


Riders will also be provided with course cues on ride day. There are NO course markings. You should be prepared and know the course.

Results:          2013   2014   2015

Pictures:        2013   2014   2015

Emergency Details

Dial 911 for any emergencies. You need to be reliant on yourself and have a plan in place for anything that may happen to you. While there are many other riders out there, you should expect periods of time where you may not see others.

Hospital Information:

UCHealth Emergency Room (6.5 miles from Monument) – (719) 487-2060 – 13510 Meadowgrass Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Memorial Health (13.5 miles from Monument) – (719) 444-2273 – 4110 Briargate Pkwy #445, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

For non-emergencies: You can reach Andy Christman at (303) 335-5055






2016 Roster (as of September 22, 2016) :

Chris Walson

Cory Belcher

Dave Ratcliff

Paul Moore

Merry Vander Linden

Dan Reback

Robert McWhorter

Jim Bergantzel

Steve Ryan

Scott Simmons

Corey McDonald

Jared Shuttleworth

Dennis Coombs

Scott Zimmerman

William Kellagher

Jay Evers

Ian Starr

Todd Rabourn

Troy Young

Stephen Meszaros

Benjamin Sharp

Doug Broyer

Bill Harms

Jennifer Sharp

Regis Verliede

Brian Hutchison

Cheryl Moffett

Yianni Drako

Yousef Hamzeh

Troy Reynolds

Lew Perna

Ben Kramer

Steve Shaffer

Blake Herzog

Megan Hottman

Eric Truman

Michael Catterall

Tim Sommers

Derrek Massanari

Daniel Ebner

Giuseppe Berra

Kasey McClurg

Julia Duran

Luke Franey

Brad Prothe

Greg Deemer

Andy Kadlec

Greg Jones

Drew Wacker

Mike Rosser

Brandon Rock

Lindsey Watson

Steven Sawyer

Mark Raphael

Michael Haubert

Marc Duran

David Burke

Tim Whalen

Tom Torkelson

Bo Kristensen

Nick DiTulio

Mark Schenberger

Steve Beggs

James Gwyther

Tim Miller

John Kotrla

Todd Murray

Hugh Cockshoot

Bill Sullivan

Heather Romenesko

Rob Bielfeldt

Butch Stinton

John Blayter

Michael Inglis

Will Herold

Gwen Inglis

Matthew Cline

James Kelly

Darryl Sigman

Edd Lukens

Greg Moore

Mark Hanlon

Phil Tahmindjis

Jon Romenesko

Patrick Reichlin

Dawnya Gebhard

Jenny Henry

Victor Lira

Cody Wilkins

Laurie Edmonstone

Patrick Edmonstone

J Rubell

Josh Dougan

Mark Moore

Mark Braun

Dave Gonzalez

Arden Ferris

Brad Barber

Leo Perez

Michael Linde

Craig Horton

Julie Fisher

Noah Schabacker

Jared Thaut

Steve Crosby

Steve Machac

Justin Paulsen

Scott Smith

Mike Vannelli

Mike Vigil

Ross Borgida

Marcus Couchman

Eric Hemler

Shane Bergman

Chad Maxedon

Michael Giem

Kevin McDonough

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Eddy Rando

*The Eddy Rando is a celebration of steel road bikes…new and old.  This event is a summer group ride starting at Creekside Bikes in Parker, Colorado.  Mass start roll out at 8am on three out & back routes (20/40/60 miles).  One common rest stop.

After ride awards party at Twenty-Mile Tap House in Parker.  Free-will donation format.

Ride info will be posted at creeksidebikes.com going into 2016.  The Eddy Rando is for steel road bikes only.  No steel mountain bikes.  No aluminum bikes.  Carbon forks approved.  Ten prizes in 2016.  The event spirit is retro and classical, grass roots and low budget… with classic bikes on display before and afterwards!

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