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Saluda Roubaix 68

28AVG is dedicating Saluda Roubaix to annually benefit US Military Endurance Sports and donate 100 percent of all proceeds to USMES.


Saluda Roubaix 68 remote, all road, cycling race amounts to dirt, gravel, bedrock, farmland, timberland, countrified bridges, levees, rustic pavement, no towns and one specifically remote ball field — some fun.


Boyd Branch 26~31 mi. aid station ⁄ mechanical support ⁄ marked course ⁄ 2.9 mi. additional neutral secteur

Overall route distance includes escorted, 2.9 mi. additional, neutral secteur from start line and race can go on first gravel road — right turn on Jerimiah Rd after 0.85 mi. distance following Hwy 391. This neutral secteur, both in 2017 and 2018, puts safety of riders first.

Please see BikeReg categories to sign up and view more details.

46 mi. ⁄ RidewithGPS

46 mi. ⁄ 24 mi. gravel versus 22 mi. pavement
3.25 mi. max gravel secteur
7.25 mi. max pavement secteur

68 mi. ⁄ RidewithGPS

68 mi. ⁄ 35.5 mi. gravel versus 32.5 mi. pavement
5.75 mi. max gravel secteur
10 mi. max pavement secteur

68 mi. ⁄ déterminée reconnaissance sur le gravier – road recon 9:00 AM Sunday, April 8 ⁄ no support ⁄ cue sheet ⁄ start line Derrick Park street view


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Lynskey GR250

Lynskey GR250: At The Finish

<Back to News Home | Editor’s Note: This is the final installment of the Lynskey GR250 titanium bicycle review. Grannygear’s other posts on this bicycle can be found by clicking the following links: “Getting Rolling“, “Checkpoint”, and “Checkpoint Plan B“. Lynskey GR250: At The Finish- by Grannygear There is nothing new to report on the […]

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by Riding Gravel 2014