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The Gravel Slayer


The Gravel Slayer will be part of the Boneshaker Gravel Series.  105 and 54 mile gravel event at Elk City, Oklahoma.  The 100 mile will be two loops with aid at 32, 54 and 75 miles.

The Boneshaker Gravel Series (formerly the Chautauqua Red Flint Hills Gravel Crusher) is a series of five challenging gravel grinders in south central Kansas and Oklahoma. Each event is unique. Each race is between 95-105 miles.

All Boneshaker events will have the following categories: Men (29 & Under), Men (30-39), Men (40-49), Men (50 & Over), Women (39 & Under), Women (40 & Over), Single Speed, Tandem, 50 Mile Tour. And being a series, we will be keeping score! So if you are new to gravel grinding or training for the Big Enchilada these grinders, aka Crushers, are for you!

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about these events on the Boneshaker Gravel Series thread on the Riding Gravel Forum.


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Tour de Lyon County

Tour de Lyon County

Event details and schedule

This 105 mile race will begin at 7:00am and will be concluded by 7:00pm.

The registration table will open at 6:00am the day of the event.

There will be a competitive and non-competititive class. No cash prizes for either class. There will be a male and a female class.

Teams will be responsible for getting team members to and from relay points.

Competitive Divisions:

Individual Male/Female

3 person teams/gender neutral

3 person teams/bike/run/gender neutral


Non Competitive Divisions:

Individual Male/Female

Teams may be comprised of up to 10 members

The ride will be on public roads. Water will be provided on two of the legs but teams are encouraged to supply their own water/drinks.

A 20 mile Fun Ride will also be available beginning at 10:00am from the same location.

A complete list of rules will be available prior to and on the day of the race.

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Elrod’s Cirque

*A gravel grinder set in the southern Flint Hills of Kansas, starting and ending in downtown Winfield, with 16, 61, and 121 mile route options. Part of the Boneshaker Gravel Series.

Elrod’s Cirque offers three route options:

  • Tibet Hill Loop: approximately 16 miles
  • Elrod’s Cirque: approximately 62 miles
  • Elrod’s Cirque on Steroids: approximately 121 miles

The 16 miler is for those new to cycling and gravel grinding. It will have all the scenery and challenge of the longer courses but in a bite-size package. Course features include a low-water bridge, wooded clear creeks, the legendary Tibet Hill, tall grass prairie with wildflowers, and a stone arch bridge from the late 1800’s.

The 62 and 121 mile courses are self-supported and for experienced gravel grinders. There will be a convenience store at just over halfway in Dexter KS, and a possible second sag tent starting the second lap of the 121 mile course … but don’t bank on it! The longer courses are exactly what endurance gravel grinders seek out.

Elrod’s Cirque is not a race, but is a full-on challenge. That said; if you want to hammer go right ahead. If you want to stop and smell the wildflowers go right ahead. There are for that matter over 800 different kinds of wildflowers and a peak time to view them is mid-May thru June. You choose how you want to ride.

This event is part of the Boneshaker Gravel Series.

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Boneshaker Gravel Series

Spring is a flurry of gravel rides and races, so we’ll keep sharing what we find. If you have an update or some news to share, just contact us. Any race that has bridge crossings like this is cool in our book. Last weekend was the first event and it looks like the weather was […]

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