Episode 32 – Bobby Wintle

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Bobby Wintle of District Bicycles and the Land Run 100

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Bobby Wintle is co-owner of District Bicycles in Stillwater, Oklahoma and the main instigator at the Land Run 100. He was out at Sea Otter doing some work, having some fun, and spreading his endless energy. He sat down with Ben and chatted about life out in the Tour Divide, giving hugs at the Land Run, owning a bike shop, and more. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 15-16, 2019. About the Land Run 100: “These roads have a depth of history, and a soul. They are unique, unforgiving, ever-changing, but always red. On April 22, 1889, cannon-fire signaled the beginning of the first Land Run in Stillwater, OK, the home and start/finish line of the Land Run 100. At the heart of this event are some of the most rugged and daunting, beautiful and memorable roads in the Oklahoma country. They take on a personality of their own. But they are also marked by the people who travel far and work hard to ride them. Making yourself a part of these roads makes them a part of you.” If you have any questions, comments, or have an idea for an episode, please feel free to contact us anytime.


  Bobby Wintle  


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