Rouge Roubaix Report


The Rouge Roubaix is a little more of a road race than a pure gravel style race. A lot of racers seem to be running typical

Photo courtesy of the Rouge Roubaix Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of the Rouge Roubaix Facebook Page

road setups with tires that are a little wider than normal. It’s a 105 mile race with about 20 miles of gravel and then countless miles of less-than-desirable terrain (check out the video below to see all the potholes and questionable road). This past Saturday, March 9, over 200 racers took to the Rouge Roubaix course.



  1. Heath Blackgrove (Boneshaker Project)
  2. Logan Hutchings (Boneshaker Project)
  3. Stefan Rothe (Elbowz Racing)


  1. Alexis Zink (FCS Cycling)
  2. Debbie Milne (Finish Strong)
  3. Kim Jennings (Bicycles Outback Racing)[/twocol_one_last]

Remaining results:

Slideshow (courtesy of Heather Hagan and Rouge Roubaix Facebook Page):

Race video (Courtesy of Alex Habbit and Rouge Roubaix Facebook Page) – Check out the power, cadence, and speed overlay on this:

Be sure to check out the Rouge Roubaix Website for further information.




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