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Mountain Bike Radio posted a two-part podcast today about the Land Run 100. Two of their hosts, Andrea and Matt of the “Just Riding Along” show, recently raced the Land Run 100 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. They are great discussions with some interesting people, including Land Run 100 co-directors, Bobby Wintle and Jim Brewer, overall race winner, Bryce Hylton, 4th place finisher, Nate Beams, fixed gear finisher, Thomas Adams, and last place finisher, Griffin Radford. Matt and Andrea also give you their own thoughts about finishing this tough race in 43rd and 44th place overall, respectively.

Land Run 100 Special – Part 1:

Part 1 includes a pre-race discussion with Bobby Wintle, and post-race discussions with Nate Beams, Thomas Adams, and Bryce Hylton. You’ll hear some great information and interesting insight from racers who succeeded during tough conditions.

Land Run 100 Special – Part 2:

In part 2, Matt and Andrea give their race recap, as well as interview Bobby Wintle and co-director, Jim Brewer, and last place finisher Griffin Radford, after the race. You get a unique post race experience with the discussions with Bobby, Jim, and Griffin because they are right in the action and you’ll hear honest discussion and raw emotion.

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