AntiEpic 160 Final Course Map Posted

“The AntiEpic 160 is a free, unsupported gravel bike ride that begins and ends at Pikes Peak Brewing in Monument, Colorado. You can ride whatever bike you’d like – gravel-specific, mountain bike, or road. Go fast, go social, go however you’d like. Just realize that you are completely responsible for yourself. It’s early April, so expect wind, cold, and possible rain, snow, and mud.”

The final course was posted yesterday. It’s 168 miles and a lot of small hills that add up to be almost constant pedaling. Riders will experience views of Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans, and Longs Peak.

Check out the course details.

A view from Ridge Road

A view from Ridge Road

**Riders are completely on their own. This is only a suggested route that riders can follow. Riding Gravel posts the routes and details for information only. Riding Gravel does not receive any money for suggesting the routes.

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