Silca’s Ultimate LP Pump For Low Pressures Debuts

<Back to News Home | Do you need to be able to consistently set your tire pressures with an accuracy of .05psi? Do you want a pump gauge with 1/2 psi accuracy that is reliable down to 4psi? Well step this way and see the Silca Ultimate LP. SILCAObviously the Silca Ultimate pump preceded this version, but its very high psi rating and finer gauge readings were not conducive for regular use on tires that would never see anything higher than 60psi. It is well known that using lower pressures on rough surfaces actually increases grip, lowers rolling resistance, and allows for less vibrations to reach the bicycle rider. However; getting your air pressures nailed down at such low psi ratings as many gravel/back road riders need to do is tough with standard issue floor pumps that may not feature an accuracy or ability to set a low pressure reliably as the Silca Ultimate LP can. guage_detail_s_grandeNow anyone can set their pressure to an exact psi setting with one tool to achieve the optimum traction, best low rolling resistance, and comfort. The finer resolution of the Ultimate LP’s gauge allows for this. Of course, it still features the robust construction details that the higher psi rated Ultimate does, and also, the price for getting one is just as steep! At a suggested retail of $450.00, we don’t expect to see many of these at the starts of gravel races next year, but perhaps if you’ve been especially good this year, you may find that shiny barrel in a gift box for the holidays. Maybe…….there’s always a chance, right? For more details on the Silca Ultimate LP see their site HERE.

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  1. John December 15, 2014 at 9:58 am #

    $450 for a pump? I’ll stick with my Topeak floor pump and a $20 digital pressure gauge to get my low pressure dialed in.

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