Monday Motivation: Registering

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Signing in at Trans Iowa Image by Wally Kilburg

Registering: Commitment, dedication, a promise- Whatever it means to you, actually going through the process of registering for an event suddenly makes things a bit more “real”. Now you’ve gone and done it! Maybe it is an event that scares you a bit, challenges you in a new way, or is an old friend to you that you wouldn’t miss for the world, but whatever it is, registering changes everything.

Now you are thinking about training, nutrition, clothing, gear choice, and which tires to run!

Now you are blocking out times to get in those all important training miles, skipping beers, (well……maybe!), and cutting back on the desserts. Now you will be scrutinizing Strava figures, GPS data, and getting familiar with the bathroom scale again. All because you decided to register for an event.

Registration can take the form of simply clicking a few links on-line, or it can be as involved as sending in a post card which was hand made. Some events “registration” is simply showing up to ride. However it looks for each individual event, there is a lot of registering going on now. Many events announce details or hold their registrations early in the year. (For a great list of current gravel events, see our Ride Calendar here.)

Oh……and good luck with the training and your event!

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