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Hero Graval Classic 2018

September 22, 2019 @ 9:00 am 5:00 pm


‘The Hero’ is an unsupported cycling event (from now on also defined as a public group bicycle ride or, incorrectly, competition or race) on Washington County’s fastest ‘hero’ gravel.  It’s a FREE pubic gathering of friends and of fellow cyclists.

We ride to honor First Responders as Local Heroes.

Gravel so fast, you ride like a hero!

+ + + + +

>  Free admission into the tent for all participants.

>  All food and beverage in the tent is ala carte on a cash basis.

>  Gates open at 12:00pm

> Dancing, Brats, Imported Munich Beer, Hammerschlagen and Gemutlichkei

> Age Limit 21 and over.

“Oktoberfest is Best Here!”

+ + + + +


> Please car pool to the ride. That’ll help us with parking.
> See parking limitation details below in the section titled, LOCATION / PARKING / PATRONAGE.
> All are welcome. Please invite other friends and those you want to ‘shell like a pecan nut.’
> You’ll be asked to read, sign and submit a waiver, before the ride.

> Our ride will honor the First Responders in our community as local heroes.

> It’s not a race. If you want to race it, go right ahead. You will not be chip-timed. You will not win a prize nor money. You WILL ACHIEVE local legendary ‘street cred’ status for crossing the finish line in first position.

> Your gravel riding performance, and most important … resulting bragging rights will be earned by you alone. So, ride well, safely and pick the ‘smoothest line.’

> 57 and 36 mile routes are available. All of the routes contain gravel and pavement sectors.

Please print your own cue sheets; RideWithGPS files below provide printable cue sheets.

Garmin and ‘Ride with GPS’ routes are as follows (and may be revised):

> Meet at the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter and ONLY park in the open grass field to the east of the restaurant.
> Parking will be limited at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter.
> NO PARKING on Lofton Ave N, the street into the Gasthaus.
> Please Note – No outside nudity nor alcohol at the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter; please just change into / out of your kit inside your vehicle.

PATRONAGE – reminder
> Please consider buying lunch and beers at the Gasthaus, after the ride! They open at 12 pm on Saturday.
> Please do not drink self-brought beers on restaurant property (unless bought at the Gasthaus).
> Gasthaus is providing FREE entrance to their Oktoberfest 2018!
> Note – I have zero ownership interest in Gasthaus. Simply, I believe in supporting local businesses. Let’s do our part!

Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter

> Riding ‘hero gravel’ has, and will most likely result in a permanent smile on your face, yet it’s important that you clearly understand and acknowledge all of the risks, so please, read on.

> Participating / riding the Hero Gravel Classic 2018 (a/k/a, Hero Gravel Classic) and any of the available routes could result in injury or death. It could result in broken or lost items.

> By sharing your name, email address, age and completing/submitting a waiver, you are agreeing to be responsible for your own conduct, actions, and safety and release the event host, volunteers, organizers, spectators, friends and fellow riders from any claims and/or demands that may occur while participating in the Hero Gravel Classic 2018 (a/k/a, Hero Gravel Classic) on September 16, 2018.

> Furthermore, by signing the waiver, you are agreeing to release the event host, volunteers, organizers, spectators, friends and fellow riders and will hold them harmless from any liability which may arise from incidents or accidents that occur from participating in Hero Gravel Classic 2018 (a/k/a, Hero Gravel Classic), to the extent that the law allows.

> If you want to crush gravel, smile, break bread, break wind with friends, strangers and fellow riders … and acknowledge all of the above as possible outcomes of your participation in this event and agree to take on 100% of the responsibility regardless of how things go, please carry on and complete the waiver on September 16, 2018.


September 22
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Hero Gravel Classic


60, 36 miles
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