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Spinergy GX Wheels: At The Finish

While the PBO spokes may cause you to raise an eyebrow, keep in mind that these spokes have been around for two decades and have a good reputation for durability. The rest of the Spinergy wheel from the hubs to the rims seem to be top notch stuff now. I see no reason to fear the technology and I would gladly ride these wheels off into the Sunset if Spinergy would let me.

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Easton EA70 AX Disc Wheels: At The Finish

Many bikes are coming out as “dual wheel size” compatible rigs, and if you wanted the 650B wheels, (or the other way around if the new bike was set up with 650B), this option would be high on my list. It provides a solid performing package at a good value. Besides going around and holding up your tires, what more do we really need?

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Gravel Grinder News: Shimano Debuts First Dedicated Gravel Road Group

Gravel Grinder News: Shimano Debuts First Dedicated Gravel Road Group- by Guitar Ted Editor’s Note: All images and information courtesy of Shimano Corporation Shimano has announced a new component series specifically designed for gravel and adventure riding called “GRX”. This is a significant moment in bicycling history, akin to when Shimano introduced the first dedicated […]

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Spinergy GX Wheels: Getting Rolling

Spinergy GX Wheels: Getting Rolling – by Guitar Ted Do you remember Spinergy wheels? If you do, you may be thinking of those old mid-90’s 8 spoke, wide bladed, wild looking carbon wheels for road and mountain bikes. They certainly were wheels that, for their day, were on the cutting edge. You also may remember […]

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Easton EA70 AX Disc Wheels: Checkpoint

Easton EA70 AX Disc Wheels: Checkpoint- by Guitar Ted The last we heard about the Easton EA70 AX wheels was back when we had copious amounts of snow blanketing the roads of the Mid-West where I live. Thankfully Spring has arrived and the riding has been happening in earnest. Throughout the “transition season” the Easton […]

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Easton EA 90 SL Wheels: Getting Rolling

Easton EA 90 SL Wheels: Getting Rolling- by Grannygear I was sitting astride my bike, surrounded by riders all milling about, some on their bikes, some standing around drinking coffee, chatting, and taking pictures.  I was about 15 minutes away from starting the Rivet Raid gravel event, a lovely tour of sorts over the Santa […]

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