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Good Vibrations

Editor’s Note: We at Riding Gravel are pleased to present another post  from our contributor, John Ingham Good Vibrations- by John Ingham [adrotate group=”1″] When a former colleague asked me what I had been doing in retirement, I confessed to cycling and racing on gravel roads. He replied, “Sounds terrible!” He imagined, I suppose, bone-rattling […]

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: Quick Review

[adrotate group=”1″] As gravel and adventure cycling grow in popularity, we’re seeing more and more products designed to filter out bumps and vibration before they reach the rider. The ShockStop suspension stem from Redshift Sports is one such new product. The ShockStop is a fresh take on the “suspend the rider, not the bike” concept […]

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: Checkpoint

<Back to News Home | Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: Checkpoint- by Guitar Ted The term “suspension stem” might send shivers down your spine, or it may make your eyes roll. That would be completely understandable given the previous history of the stems with monkey motion. It seems that this component is once again the focus […]

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