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To Cosmos and Beyond

Editor’s Note: We welcome in our contributor, John Ingham, again who explores how riding gravel promotes happiness despite the pain and suffering in his latest essay. To Cosmos and Beyond – by John Ingham   The efflux of the soul is happiness, here is happiness, I think it pervades the open air, waiting at all […]

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Jamis Renegade Elite: Getting Rolling

Jamis Renegade Elite: Getting Rolling- by Guitar Ted The “gravel” all-road segment of bicycles, arguably non-existent not more than five years ago, now seems to be the hottest segment in cycling. Well…..non-motorized cycling, at any rate. Sea Otter, which is the annual festival held near Monterrey, California every April, was rife with gravel/adventure bikes. It […]

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Vitamina CL Sealant Additive: Quick Review

Vitamina CL Sealant Additive: Quick Review- by Guitar Ted Tubeless tires for bicycles are not like tubeless tires for most anything else. The proper way to refer to bicycle tubeless technology is actually “tubeless ready“, which implies that the components are “ready ” to be tubeless, but require “something else” to achieve that status. One […]

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